Daily Wisdom

Objective Reality

The key is in pursuing objective reality. If we do not seek this first and foremost then we do not need anyone else to imprison us because we imprison ourselves. By failing to seek neutrality and healthy detachment from our perspective and our own emotions we are subject to becoming trapped by beliefs and hypnotized … Continue reading “Objective Reality”

A Word from the Wise

Life allows you to see a piece of yourself in all things, or at least it offers you the opportunity. Whether you do or not is up to you. It is not “nice” for me to extend a kind gesture to another if I do so from a genuine place, it is merely me recognizing … Continue reading “A Word from the Wise”

The Hanged Man – XII

The Hanged Man is a card in tarot that depicts a man strung up by one foot seemingly by choice with the ability to free himself when he so chooses. His arms are behind his back leaving us to question if he has the ability to use them to his benefit or not. The most … Continue reading “The Hanged Man – XII”

The Power of Solitude

When you are in solitude you are in your natural state. There is nothing there to activate your inner wounds; Nobody’s actions, or their words, no one acting as the mirror for what you don’t wish to look at. Unless of course, your primary emotion when alone is loneliness, then spending time in silence may … Continue reading “The Power of Solitude”

The Grand Illusion

Every day we let the outside world that we live in dictate how we feel. Our experience can begin to erode the strength of the love and joy that we naturally have within. The world can convince us that there is no love. That others are separate from us, just out for themselves, and quite … Continue reading “The Grand Illusion”


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