The Grand Illusion

Every day we let the outside world that we live in dictate how we feel. Our experience can begin to erode the strength of the love and joy that we naturally have within. The world can convince us that there is no love. That others are separate from us, just out for themselves, and quite frankly we may not like them much. We can’t trust people not to take, lie, or hurt us. We are overworked exhausted and stressed. We ask ourselves when this will ever end and dream about the day we are finally happy. Sometimes we get a spouse, have kids, or buy new things because we believe we will be happy then. Sometimes it is true, but always fleeting.

I would like to remind you that your mind is the only thing that can dictate, your world view, your interactions, and your peace. Seeking knowledge so that you may understand events that you witness and they don’t confuse you. Seeking knowledge so that you understand your place in the world and how it works. Seeking knowledge so that you can most importantly understand your mind and that it is separate from who you are, and you have the ability to control its unchecked dominion over your every experience.

Our primary aim in life should be knowledge of self.

See we can create realities that don’t exist and we often do every day. Realities about what someone is thinking or saying about us, what they want to do to harm us, or things that we may lose, so we have to be on guard in our interactions. The funny thing is that it also works the opposite way, you can see love in everything, opportunity in everything, beauty in all things. You can tap into your sovereignty at any moment in time and realize that you are the one directing this fine movie dear one. You can easily become fooled to believe you are a character in other people’s films, but that is the biggest deception. To believe you are not the ultimate creator.

You cannot sit down and beg for a shift and beg alone. You must work toward your masterpiece every day, in how you think, how you feel, what you see, and what you allow to be done to you. You are never alone and you are not weak. You are not powerless, you are not what other people think. You are a grand vision that is pleading with you to take the blindfold off. It takes work though lovely a commitment to a never-ending search for the one lost at sea. Just when you think you catch a glimpse it was just a ripple. Keep searching, this, after all, is the only reason you are here for you to remember. It is a game of distractions so that you never will.

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